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Can I be refused exit from Nigeria

This right simply means the right to travel outside Nigeria. Before a Nigerian will travel outside the country, it is mandatory that he/she posses a valid international passport issued by the government of Nigeria. The implication is that every Nigeria citizen has the right to own a passport. However, you must meet up with certain […]

When can my passport be withdrawn?

Despite that your passport is an integral aspect of your fundamental right to movement, it can be withdrawn from you as provided under the Passport (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act[1] on the following grounds if: The passport is obtained by fraud; The passport has expired; A person unlawfully holds more than one passport at the same time; […]

I am going to ECOWAS Countries. I learnt that I don’t need visas. Any useful information?

Article 2(1) of the protocol to the ECOWAS treaty on free movement of persons, residence and establishment[1] gives community citizens “the rights to enter, reside and establish in the territory of member states”. Such entry not more than ninety days should be free of visa requirement after which extension can only be granted by an […]

As a member of armed forces/police. Does the constitution permit me to be members of trade union?

Section II of the Trade Union Act make is unlawful for armed forces and police, the Nigerian security printing and minting company, prison services, customs preventive services, Central Bank of Nigeria, employees authorized to bear arms, including federal fire service among others to organize themselves or be members of trade union for the purpose of […]

My right to assemble peacefully and associate (Introduction)

Introduction This right is also very fundamental to the existence of every person. It’s important is so key that it is provided in many international, regional and national instruments/laws. We all want to assemble and associate in form of marriages, organizations’ membership, among others for the protection of our interests. Section 40 of the 1999 […]