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Does freedom of Assembly and association covers forming Political Parties?

Yes. In the case of Alhaji Abubakar Rimi v. Peoples Redemption Party[1], the court stated that the provisions of the constitution in this respect applies to “individual, corporate and incorporate bodies, and enables them to come together voluntarily under a political banner or leave the association as they please”. [1] (1981) 2NCLR 734 HC

Does freedom of Assembly and association covers forming and joining trade unions?

The freedom to form and join trade union is covered under right to peaceful assembly and association. Section 1(1) of the Trade Union Act provides that a trade union means: …any combination of workers or employers, whether temporary or permanent, the purpose of which is to regulate the terms and conditions of employment of workers, […]

Press is freedom is not expressly mentioned under section 39 of the 1999 constitution. Are we journalist covered under Freedom of Expression?

Though the word press is not expressly mentioned in the grant of the freedom of expression, but is written in the marginal notes which has been said not to form part of the provisions, but are merely for convenience of reference[1].  Such right without extension to freedom of the Press would however be meaningless. The […]