Harmful Widowhood practices

Harmful widowhood practices are the various rites and practices which a widow is made to go through either before, during or after the funeral rites of her deceased husband. These practices differ from one culture to the other. Some of these practices include but not limited to: morning, shaving of hair, compulsory staying indoors for an unnecessary long period of time, wearing of black dresses, drinking of water used for washing the deceased husband, walking bare footed etc.

Safety tips:
*Sensitization of the general public.
*Abolishment of unhealthy widowhood practices.
*Enforcement of the various legislations enacted to curb these acts.
*Widows in these situations should speak up or contact either personally or by proxy the ministry of Women Affairs closest to them
*Public outcry.
*Prosecution of the perpetrators of these acts.

Penalty: (State applicable laws and jurisdiction)
Under the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 which is operational in the Federal Capital Territory, the punishment is a 2years imprisonment or and fine of N500,000, for any person that subjects a widow to any harmful traditional practice. Punishments for attempting such offence or assisting and aiding an offender is imprisonment for 1year and or fine of N200,000.