I am going to ECOWAS Countries. I learnt that I don’t need visas. Any useful information?

Article 2(1) of the protocol to the ECOWAS treaty on free movement of persons, residence and establishment[1] gives community citizens “the rights to enter, reside and establish in the territory of member states”.

Such entry not more than ninety days should be free of visa requirement after which extension can only be granted by an authorized immigration official.

Note that you must possess a valid passport issued by a member state identifying you and on which immigration officials can make endorsement[2].

Kindly note, that one can still be refused entry if regarded as inadmissible Immigrant under its laws.[3]

[1] Official Journal of ECOWAS, Vol. 1, June 1979

[2] Article 1 & 3 of the Protocol

[3] Article 4 of the Protocol