The lockdown measure in Nigeria was effective in reducing COVID-19 transmission, with closure of schools, movement restriction, and recommended home stays. In spite of these benefits, the COVID-19 lockdown resulted in varying levels of distress among individuals including domestic violence and other forms of violence against women, girls and children.
Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, response to domestic and gender-based violence related issues were less than 10% of the issues the Know Your Rights Nigeria’s Legal Team followed up on. This increased to over 49% during the lockdown. Domestic violence cases increased and the growing spread of women, girls and children’s rights abuses (some resulting in death) widely reported were evidence of threats to fundamental rights of women, girls and children in Nigeria.

The Women, Girls and Children Empowerment campaign aims to connect vulnerable communities (women, girls and children) to our existing Know Your Rights Nigeria human rights platforms.
The project’s goal is to update the technology, utility and advocacy behind the successful ‘Know Your Rights Nigeria’ app and web version. The project is championing Community Rights & Resilience as it will enhance the understanding of human rights during a crisis for the communities of women, girls and children in Nigeria as we have simplified their rights and safeguards in English and Pidgin languages spoken by over 100 million Nigerians for Android, iPhone and web users. On the platform, women and girls facing domestic and gender-based violence related issues have the option to chat daily, openly or anonymously, with a team of lawyers on the app pro-bono on legal issues with response to all inquiries and follow up on complaints.

Press the back (<-) arrow at the top to enjoy all the human rights issues we have simplified with safety tips and safeguards and access support services from Organizations across Nigeria. You can also report abuse anonymously or openly. Go to menu and “Chat Lawyers” if you need legal help.

Know Your Rights Nigeria is a project of Constitutional Rights Awareness and Liberty Initiative. The women, girls and Children empowerment part of this project in English and Pidgin languages is supported Innovation for Change (I4C) Africa