Is Euthanasia or mercy killing allowed in Nigeria?

Euthanasia according to Collins English Dictionary is “the act of killing a person painlessly especially to relieve suffering from an incurable disease.” In some jurisdictions/countries, it is permitted because of pains suffered by terminally ill patients. However in Nigeria, it is a crime according to Criminal Code. The following sections 311, 326, 327 and 299 provide as follows:

  • If your act or omission hastens the death of another person when he/she is labouring under some disorder or disease of another cause, you are deemed to have killed that person
  • If you counsel another to kill himself thereby induces him to do so, or aids him in killing himself, you are guilty of felony, and liable to imprisonment for life.
  • If you attempt to kill yourself but unsuccessful, you a guilty of a misdemeanor, and liable to imprisonment of one year.
  • If someone gives you a consent to kill him, do not because such consent will not exempt your from liability