My rights against Slavery and Servitude

The constitution and the Criminal Code make it a crime to unlawfully imprison, or take a person out of Nigeria without his/her consent;

The law prohibits any act or omission that will prevent a person from applying to the court for his release, or from being discovered by any other person; or prevent a person who ought to have access to him/her from discovering the place of imprisonment[1].

Moreover, intimidating a person, making and compelling him to do an unlawful act or preventing him to do an act he is lawfully entitled to is a crime[2]. A good example is threat of an injury to a person, reputation or through persistent following, besetting or watching the person, his place of abode or work.’

Any type of slavery or servitude, or compulsion to act in a particular way is prohibited.

[1] Section 364 0f Criminal Code

[2] Section 366 of Criminal Code