If I comot belle, no be my private affair?

Under our law for obodo Nigeria, abortion na crime o.

Pesin wey be doctor, boyfriend, herbalist, parents, friend who wan do miscarriage for a woman wether e get belle or e no get, and come use something for am or poison or use any force for am or use any other means don enter trouble be dat” [1]

A woman wey wan comot belle come do everything wey we talk above now don enter trouble.[2]

Any pesin who come illegally supply or get anything wey he wan use to comot belle for woman who get belle or no get belle, don comit crime.[3]

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Pikin rights: who dem suppose they live with and wetin be parents rights ontop dem pikin bcos me i dey beat stubborn pikkin wella o

For obodo Nigeria, parents get rights ontop how dem dey raise dem pinkin. On who go get the right to put pinkin for im custody, na court dey decide that one o. wetin court consider na who go fit propmote the child welfare well.

Parents rights ontop dem pinkin which include the “rights, powers, freedom and responsibility which parents get dey for international law wey Nigeria too don put hands sign”[1]

Under the Convention on the Right of Child, Nigeria and many country dem wey don sign the convention like Nigeria go respect the duties, rights wey parents get ontop dem pikin and where local custom respect rights of dem family members for as law take protect child rights”

The convention come accept the rights of parents on condition sey if the parents rights no go against the rights of the child. The convention say na parent go get dem pinkin for dem custody but e fit no be so if the pinkin interest no dey protected under such parents.

Right of parent wey dey raise im pikin cover make parents determin pikin education, religion education, and other things wey go teach the pikin good moral till the pinkin go don reach age where he/she go don mature to dey take decision for himself.

Dem no fit make child to dey receive instruction ontop religion or education matter wey no be im religion or wey him parents or guardian no approve.

Parents rights cover assistance or services wey pikin fit do for the parents,[2] the right to discipline and rebuke the pikin”[3]

Kind punishment wey such parent go give pikin no suppose bo one wey go fit put the life of the pinkin in danger. Parents fit commit crimeor go prison if dem go discipline pinkin in hard way.[4]

Parents get power to consent to the marriage and collect dowry when there pinkin reach time to marry[5]


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Wetin concern others with weting I dey follow people talk for phone or letter?

Naija people dem get right make anybody pokenose ontop their message, telephone discussion including telegraphic communications. This right cover wetin dem post or dey send for internet, social media. The content wey dem cover inside no other pesin suppose see am except sey the sender put am make others fit see am.

Na crime to they stop, search, rob, hid or destroy postal matter or telegram[1]. Infact all style wey govment dem wan use to regulate social media don make people react sharp sharp against am becos the right of people to dey communicate dem fit dey tampwer.

We suppose tell una sey Section 45 of the Constitution no make this this right supreme which come they make police, DSS dem dey access our phone conversation ontop sey make our national security no come enter gbege.

[1] Section 161 and 162 of Criminal Code

My right to fair hearing (Introduction)

  • Introduction

This right to fair hearing na one principle wey no gree make dem  give pesin bad judgment or do magomago or partial for am.

The right talk sey if pesin dey for court;

  1. Make dem allow am talk his own as the matter be;
  2. Make the pesin wey wan judge the mata no do ojoro for am; and
  • Make dem no waste time untop the matter

If any of the three wey we just talk now no dey for any matae, na magomago be that[1].

Wetin the right dey talk be sey, all to people wey carry matter come court make dem tell you wetin happen[2] and  make the person wan judge dem  no do wuruwuru to the answer.

Wetin mata here be sey as the Jude they judge the matter, anybody wey dey siddon look as the judge dey handle the matter go throway salute for the judge sey e no dey do ojoro at all.[3]

The judge no suppose get interest for anybody wey e dey decide their mata and the judge no suppose get interest inside the matter[4]. Becos if pesin wey go judge ya matter na pesin wey dey accuse you bring am come or e dey related to pesin wey dey accuse or challenge you, na magogmago be dat and the constitution talk sey the judgment nwey go come out of that case no go fit stand at all weda na court e take happen or if dem set up panel for you any where including your office sef..

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Wetin I suppose know if dem dey carry me go Court, Tribunal or if I dey face panel?

If na you or any pesin around you dey court or tribunal or panel make you no forget wetin we wan yarn you now. Just dey read am below:


The matter dem suppose do openly make everybody see am

The matter suppose be one wey people fit come enter dey watch as dem dey take do am. If na for the one wey dem no sey make people no enter for security reason, judges dem no suppose go do hear mata and pass judgment for dem backyard or chambers.[1]


Every pesin na innocent

Pesin wey dem charge go court for any bad thing, na innocent the pesin for that period until court confirm sey na true e do bad and come convict am before anybody go fit call am criminal. If people or police dem dey call pesin criminal, the law sey na bad thing those people do and na mouth diarrhea dey worry dem.[2]


Dem must tell pesin the offence wey he don commit

If dem arrest pesin sey e don commit offence, dem must to tell am in language wey the pesin understand wetin dem talk sey he do. This one na constitution join am to Section 35 (3) of our constitution wey dey for arrest and detention mata. If dem no tell am the offence we e commit, na wrong thing dem dey do and the acusse fit use am against dem lattter. But if dem go tell am another offence wey the punishment no reach the real offence wey e commit, the law sey the mistake no be big thing.[3]


Dem must to give you time and everything wey you need to go defend himself

Pesin wey dem sey e don do bad thing suppose get time and everything wey e need to go defend himself. The kind time wey we dey talk here no be only the first day wey de matter reach court, the pesin suppose get adjournment when he suppose get am.[4]

Make ya no forget sey court no go dey gree adjournment wey no make sense.[5]

If you wan adjournment becos you wan bring ya witness come court, you go show court sey:

  1. The witness dey important for ya case
  2. No be you cause am as the pesin wey bring come no show before dat time
  • You dey very sure sey fit bring the witness for the date wey you promise.


Right to choose lawyer wey you like to defend you or you wan defend yourself

No body suppose deny you your right to choose lawyer wey you want. No body suppose force a lawyer ontop you. And if you wan defend yaslef, na your right. [6]


You get right to ask questions from witness wey other people bring come against you

As pesin get right to bring witness to court and ask dem questions, na so e get right to ask question from witness wey others bring to testify against him. This one na constitution talk am and e dey very important.[7] If dem no gree make you ask witness question, any judgement wey dem give ontop the matter go fail.



Right wey sey make dem interprete wetin happen to pesin

If dem accuse pesin sey e don commit offence, dem suppose tell am sharp sharp for language wey he understand if e no sabi English or language of the court. The kind offence wey he don commit wey make dem charge am for court. If dem no do this, any judgment wey dem give against am go fail .[8]

If dem give am interpreter wey no dey competent, any judgement dem give against am go fail[9].

If dem come give am interpreter, he no suppose pay any money for the service at all.

If the persin no come sabi language when dem dey speak for court, he come dey there dey look like lukuluku and no talk am for court sey e no sabi the language, na the pesin sabi o because dem go see his complain later as minor thing[10].


Your right to mashonu (keep quiet)

You get right make you no talk anything at all o. This right na the constitutional give you.[11]


Make we talk am here sey if the offence wey dem charge you na big one like muder, armed robbery, e dey compulsory make you get lawyer o.

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Dem don setup gbege panel for me o for work. Dem fit do me ojoro and wayo?

Anybody fit get reason or issue wey go fit make invite am come answer questions for his place of work for example. At this level, you supposeknow sey the panel go take decision wey go fit affect you and you suppose dey vigilant make dem no do wuruwuru or ojoro for you.

Just go read all things wey we explain under “Wetin I suppose know if dem dey carry me go Court, Tribunal  or if I dey face panel?’. Everything dey applicable to you if dem set panel for you for work

Dem sey I do bad thing last year sey wetin but I do don become offence dis year. Helep me o

That one na illegal. Constitution talk sey dem no fit sey pesin don commit offence if the offence dem no write am for inside our law. Infact before any thing go become offence, that offence dem go write am for our law, dem go explain am and also put the kain punishment wey pesin go get if he go am before we fit call am offence.[1]

The law sey if pesin commit offence and as at the time wey e commit am, the law never call am offence, even if law come make am offence the second day, the law no go catch am becos as at the time wey he do wetin e do, the law no call am offence.[2]

But if wetin you do na weting you don do tey tey like 10 years ago and the time wey you do am, the law call am offence, if you run away then, you not fit hide now. The only way out be sey if now wey dem dey charge you for wetin you do years ago wey law call offence, the time wey law set for am to prosecute you don pass.

[1] –Section 36 (12) of the 1999 Constitution See Aoko Vs. Fagbemi (1961) 1 All NLR 400; A.G.F. Vs. Isong (1986) 1QLRN 75

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Dem fit carry pesin go court again ontop mata wey court don jail am or leave am or ontop mater wey govment don forgive am?

If this dey happen, pesin no suppose dey  wee for trouser like small pikin. The rule for this matter no gree popular talk wey sey double wahala for deadbody[1].  If dem don jail pesin or free am for court ontop one mata, dem no fit carry am go face trial ontop the same mata again . Wetin the pesin go court be this:

  1. a) make he show dem sey the first court wey he go then na criminal mata he go face there;
  2. b) make he show them sey the first matter happen for a court wey dey recognize for Nigeria;
  3. c) make he show them sey them finish the trail where dem either jail or free am;
  4. d) make he show dem say the matter wey court finish then na the same matter dem don bring again.

If Presido of Nigeria or other people wey the law give to pardon people come pardon pesin on top wetin he do, the law sey dem no fit go carry the person again go court or make dem punish am ontop the same mata[2].

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My right to Personal Liberty (Introduction)

  • Introduction

Right to personal liberty na ogbonge right wey every pesin must to enjoy o. This na right to do any good thing wey you wan do and where you no need to ask anybody for permission or dey fear.

Na this kind right give you freedom to do any good thing wey you like. E fit be marriage, you born pikin, you want get job, you want to waka around, you want to get house, worship.

Section 35(1) of our Constitution talk sey:


Ne every pesin get liberty right and no pesin go fit sey make you know enjoy am. But if you don do something wey law don talk sey make you no do, pesin fit no enjoy personal liberty fully.


Before dem go deny pesin this right, dat mean sey the pesin don do bad things wey law talk sey if anybody do, make dem arrest am, carry am go court.


Who fit arrest pesin?

Na police get power to arrest pesin because na dem dey arrest people wey dey do bad (commit crime). We dey tell dem police sey there power to arrest no be to dey use am harass innocent people .

People wey no be police like you and me fit arrest person around us if police no dey around. But if we arrest pesin wey don commit crime, we no get power to beat or kill the pesin because na suspect the pesin be and e fit be innocent. Make you no go luck am for your domot at all. Carry am go the nearby police station wey dey your area. Police go handle the matter well as law take talk am. But if you think sey some police go do magomago, you fit tell us make we report the mata for the state police command wey the mata take happen. Dem Oga go make sure sey the mata go smooth as law take talk am. No kill person or beat am o! The reason be sey people wey get bad belle for another dey always do wayo to get back at others. For example, some get habit to dey shout ‘thief’ thief untop people wey dem get kuanta with so that people around go fit kill take dem for thief and kill dem. Plenty pesin wey no do any bad thing don die untop wetin dem no do because some people no like dem and come dey hide under this kind strategy.

If you go kill person because dem call am thief, na you go face the wahala as dem fit kill you too if court confirm sey na true you follow people kill pesin.