If na my right to choose who I wan be with, I fit run commot from marriage wey e fit take my life if I no quick waka comot?

The your right to associate cover your right not to associate with people wey you no want or of your life go dey for danger if you still dey associate with dem. Na your choice. Many spouses don die bcos dem no run commot from some homes wey constitute or pose serious dangers to dem lives E get one popular case of Salisu v. Lawa[1], court sey na breach of constitution when dem give a decision sey make a wife go return to im matrimonial home by force when the home no dey peaceful.

[1] (1986) 2 NWLR (Pt2) 36 CA;

Na by force to join local association for market, village dem?

Under the law, nobody suppose force another to belong to any local association except the pesin wan join such group voluntarily. No matter the amount of shakara or threat from such local association to join them, the law no support am if you no wan join dem. If dem dey force you or dey threaten you, call your lawyer.

Which kain group pesin no suppose join for Nigeria wey go fit bring gbege?

This one na simple mata. Apart from sey we dey list secret society and dem other, make we just sey the law no gree make you join any assembly you know sey dem dey carry out dem purpose and many for a way wey fit bring panic or cause people to dey fear or dey disturb the peace of people. Our law talk sey dem be unlawful assembly.

Again, section 88 for criminal code make am illegal for people assemble and come dey bear, wear or carry arms, or dey show symbol, emblem, banner, or flag wey dey promote calculated to promote hatred between people wey belong to different religious faith dem.

This right to choose people wey I wan de follow do thing go fit allow me to form political party or join a party if I wan do politic?

Yes. For one popular case of  Alhaji Abubakar Rimi v. Peoples Redemption Party[1], the court talk sey this particular provision of the constitution dey applicable to people, organizations and the right allow dem make dem come together voluntarily under a political banner or leave the association any time wey em want.

[1] (1981) 2NCLR 734 HC

This right to choose people wey I wan de follow do things go fit allow me to form or join workers union and dey fight for my interest ‘Solidarity forever’ dem?

The right to dey form or join trade union dey protected under the right to peaceful assembly and association. Section 1(1) for Trade Union Act talk sey trade union means:

…group of workers or employers weda na temporary or permanent dem be to dey  to regulate the terms and conditions of employment of worker…….


No forget. Before association go qualify for trade union for obodo Nigeria, it supoose be for workers or employers and the mission must to dey regulate terms and conditions of workers for Nigeria.

Freedom of Expression and the press (Introduction)

  • Introduction

Freedom of expression and the press dey very important if society go develop. Freedom of expression dey important bcos without am, we no go fit enjoy some other rights becos if dem abuse other rights wey we get, how we go take talk am if we no get freedom to they talk?

As this right dey important reach, e dey for plenty international, regional and our own law for Nigeria. This right also allow us to dey partake for kind decision wey dem dey make for us for Naija. Dem Oga patapata for International Court on human rights tey tey talk sey:

“Freedom of expression na big stone wey democratic society stand ontop. Through am, we go fit know public opinion. Na through this right political parties, trade unions, scientific and cultural societies fit develop and na im we fit use to influence the public. Na him we fit get people inform wetin dey go on. Na im fit makebring personal development wey high for people and value of democracy.[1]


Section 39 for our 1999 Constitutioncome sey:

  • Everybody get the right to express himself, receive information and share information make no body disturb am.
  • Everybody get right to set up and dey operate his platform to share information, idea and opinion. E fit be radio, Television,newspapers dem.

But the pesin must to get the approval of President as the law talk am before he go fit own, establish or operate a television or wireless broadcasting station for any reason.


If we sey freedom of expression, it mean sey freemdom wey everyone get to:

  1. hold opinions
  2. Receive and dey pass on information and ideas
  • Orally, in writing, in print, art through dem media and other mediums. Dem fit restrict am for the interest of others and the society[2] . This reason we don put under “If we dey write as we like, open our mouth like basket, weting we no suppose write or do make gbege no happen?”.


[1] Advisory opinion OC 5/85 8 EHRR, 18 (1985)

[2] Kehinde M. Mowoe, Constitutional law in Nigeria 2018 Malthouse Law Books

I fit own Radio, Tv station and newspaper or magazine?

This freedom na people wey want start or own Television station; radio and Newspapers fit enjoy am but dem must to  meet the govment requirements before dey go dey operate am.



Dem no write ‘Press freedom’ for our obodo Nigeria constitution o. You sure sey we journalists dey cover to do our job so?

You fit no see make dem type the word ‘Press” uder the Freedom of Expression but the way wey dem take arrange am make am oart if the right[1].  If Freedom of Expressiin dey but the press no come get freedom, then freedom of expression go sey meaningless.

Becos sey Press dey important, our constitution talk am  for section 22 sey:


The press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media dem dey freet to dey advocate  at all time for all fundamental objectiveswey dey under chapterII and make sure sey the Govment sey accountable to the  people.


Make we no forget sey this freedom of expression don cover new media such as Blogging/ online radio/ online Tv dem as dem dey pass on opinion, dey receive information like dem radio and TV too.

No be small work dem press people dey do. Na dem dey help us expose corruption, abuse of office and dem official misconduct wey itself dey serve as a deterrent for people wey wan be famous through infamous conduct.

[1] Adewole v. Jakande (1981) 1 NCLR 262; See Section 3 of the Interpretation Act. (1964) (No.1)

I be journalist o. Dem fit use force sey make I mention pesin wey give me tori ontop wetin dey happen for obodo Nigeria?

If we sey press freedom, e mean sey make the press go do their work make dem no hindare them as dem dey gather information which be part of their job wey constitution don give dem right to do. Ontop weda dem must to disclose source of information, court don talk ontop this mata for the case of Oyegbemi and Others v. Attorney-General of the Federation and other sey:

Nobody get power to compel weda na editor, reporter or newspaper publisher to disclose the source wey e dey take get information for matter wey e dey publish. If he no disclose am, dat one no mean sey e don offende court. But make he no disclose na matter wey no affect national security, public safety, public order,  public morality, welfare of people or no affect disorder or crime.

People wey get Televison, radio, magazine, blog, paper dem get right to dey bring tori for people domot?

Weda you be proprietors, journalists or bloggers, you get right to pass on information to people because this right to pass on “Impart” information, our constitution infact talk expressely for section 39