Na for which level e go reach wey police go take force arrest pesin or kill am ontop sey he no gree make dem arrest am?

Make I no lie for you, police get power to arrest anybody wey cause trouble or wan cause gbege for your area. But wey dey always tell our police sey make dem no dey harass people wey no dey do bad thing at all.

If pesin go do bad thing wey be sey if court judge am, he go go prison reach at least three (3) years or make court fit sey make dem go kill am, police fit use force wey make sense arrest am make e no escape arrest.

If the pesin come dey shoot police or commit offence wey if dem convict am, court fit talk sey make dem go kill am or put am for prison wey fit reach 7 years, and the person wan escape wey police no go fit catch am at all, our law sey police fit kill am o.

Make we remind our police dem here sey this one no mean sey make dem come dey kill anybody wey dem wan arrest  oo. If a Policeman go kill innocent people, our law talk sey police man fit go prison for life o or make dem kill am too. The reason be sey somebody we dey run from police because of fear, police come kill am and we come realize later sey na innocenty e be, that one no go good at all.

We come advise our people here sey  if police wan arrest you, no follow dem fight o. Try reach your lawyer wey know wetin first. Your lawyer go know how to helep you for situation like this.