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If a Governor go do ojoro collect my property go give him family member, friend or use am, I fit challenge am sey I no gree and collect my property back?

Yes. You fit do this by enforcing your right for court if the Govnor collect you property for himself, family, political Associate and e no come be for the use of the public. For example the court talk am for one case of Ibafon Company Ltd. And Another V. Nigerian Ports Authority PLC and Others[1] […]

Wetin be my rights sef as Tenant for Naija?

A  tenancy  na  relationship for which a  party  (the  tenant)  get possession  of  a property  (the  demised  premises)  from  another  party  (the  owner  or  landlord)  for  a  specific period of time after hedon pay money (rent) or for free. Tenant get rights. Im right be: Right to a  payment  receipt  and  written  agreement:  The  landlord  […]