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If na my right to choose who I wan be with, I fit run commot from marriage wey e fit take my life if I no quick waka comot?

The your right to associate cover your right not to associate with people wey you no want or of your life go dey for danger if you still dey associate with dem. Na your choice. Many spouses don die bcos dem no run commot from some homes wey constitute or pose serious dangers to dem […]

This right to choose people wey I wan de follow do thing go fit allow me to form political party or join a party if I wan do politic?

Yes. For one popular case of  Alhaji Abubakar Rimi v. Peoples Redemption Party[1], the court talk sey this particular provision of the constitution dey applicable to people, organizations and the right allow dem make dem come together voluntarily under a political banner or leave the association any time wey em want. [1] (1981) 2NCLR 734 […]

This right to choose people wey I wan de follow do things go fit allow me to form or join workers union and dey fight for my interest ‘Solidarity forever’ dem?

The right to dey form or join trade union dey protected under the right to peaceful assembly and association. Section 1(1) for Trade Union Act talk sey trade union means: …group of workers or employers weda na temporary or permanent dem be to dey  to regulate the terms and conditions of employment of worker…….   […]

Dem no write ‘Press freedom’ for our obodo Nigeria constitution o. You sure sey we journalists dey cover to do our job so?

You fit no see make dem type the word ‘Press” uder the Freedom of Expression but the way wey dem take arrange am make am oart if the right[1].  If Freedom of Expressiin dey but the press no come get freedom, then freedom of expression go sey meaningless. Becos sey Press dey important, our constitution […]