We no be police o. We fit arrest, beat beat anybody or kuku kill pesin wey don do bad thing for area (Jungle Justice)?

People wey no be police like you and me fit arrest pesin around us if dem police no dey around. But if we catch person wey done do or wan do bad, we no get power to beat or kill the pesin because na suspect the person be and e fit be innocent. No go luck the suspect for your domot. Carry am go the nearby police station wey dey your area. Police go handle the matter. But if you think sey police go do magomago, tell us make we report the matter for the state police command wey the matter take happen. No kill any suspect or beat am o. The reason be say people wey get bad belle for another dey always shout theief theif untop people wey dem get kwanta with so that people around go fit kill those wey dem get kuanta with. Plenty pesin wey no do any bad thing don die untop wetin dem no do because some people no like dem and come dey hide under this kind strategy.

If you go kill person becos dem call am thief, na you go face the wahala as dem fit kill you too if court see sey na true you follow people go kill pesin.