I get belle, I no wan the pikin. Se I fit comot am?

People don argue sey belle wey we dey carry na life on its own make we no dey comot am. But ontop weda woman fit commot belle or not, people agree sey wetin dey inside bell get life and dem dey breath too. If dem get hearth beat inside belle, that mean sey life don start be dat. The rights of dem pikin wey dem never born dey protected for Nigeria law,  Africa and international law.

Law dey threat pikin wey dey for belle like sey dem don born am. For example, pikin wey dem never born fit inherit property later o if dem will property to am.

For our law here for obodo Nigeria, to comot belle na gbege oo. Na only condition wey pesin go fit commot belle na if the woman wey carry am dey condition wey if dem no comot belle for am, she fit die.

Wait o! no be you go sey pesin life dey for danger and you wan comot belle for am.  Na ogbonge doctor wey Govment give licence go fit test woman and talk sey dem must to save the life of the woman. This one no be for Sugar-Daddy, boyfriend, mother, friend dem o.

For those wey like to dey take tablet and concoction, come hear this one. The law sey pinkin get power to carry parent go court ontop  injury wey he/she suffer weda na by mistake or no be mistake when the pikin dey belle, when dem dey born am and after dem born am. You now see sey, we suppose dey careful o.