If a Governor go do ojoro collect my property go give him family member, friend or use am, I fit challenge am sey I no gree and collect my property back?

Yes. You fit do this by enforcing your right for court if the Govnor collect you property for himself, family, political Associate and e no come be for the use of the public. For example the court talk am for one case of Ibafon Company Ltd. And Another V. Nigerian Ports Authority PLC and Others[1] sey any land wey dem collect for private business dey illegal.

Before state go collect person property as the law want am, dem must to fulfil the condition wey wey explain so:

  1. Dem must give the oner notice sey dem wan acquire the land[2]. Dem must to serve the notice and the way wey dem go serve am as law talk be sey[3]
  2. Dem deliver the acquisition notice to the pesin wey suppose receive am;
  3. Dem bring the notice or send am thru registered letter/courier to his usual or last know place of residence/address;
  4. If the pesin wey dem wan serve na company or body, dem suppose serve the notice inform of registered letter to the secretary or clerk of the company or body;
  5. Where dem not fit ascertain the name or address of owner of the land dem go do reasonable inquiry, and if dem no find the owner, dem must deliver the notice to to someone wey dey the premise or affixing it or place a copy for a eye-catching/noticeable part of the premises.
  6. As to the way dem go take over the property, dem must to pay adequate compensation sharp sharp and also give pesin wey dey claim compensation right to go appeal for court if e no dey satisfy with amount we dem wan give am.

No forget sey Govnor fit offer another place to compensate pesin wey dem takeover im property for the benefit of the pupblic. Where the value of new place wey dem give am dey higher pass property wey dem collect from am, the persin fit pay the excess to govment  in form of a loan.[4]


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[2] Section 28(6) of the Land Use Act

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[4] Section 29(4) of the Land Use Act