Dem fit search my house and wetin go fit make Security people come search my house?

If dem wan search your house, the law be sey dem must to bring search warrant before dem fit search your premises. Na few occasion dem fit no need search warrant. This na becos the law self dey protect our home. If dem wan search pesin house, police must obtain search warrant. If pesin wey dem police wan arrest dey hide for inside one pesin house, dem police fit search the house without warrant to arrest the pesin.[1]

This search warrant wey we dey talk, Magistrate fit issue am if e dey satisfy with information wey dem write on oath wey dey reasonable to believe sey dem dey use building, ship, carriage, place to dey commit crime[2].

Pesin wey dey execute the search warrant fit sieze anything wey dem dey use for crime and carry am go show Magistrate wey issue the warrant or another Magistarate so that dem go fit do take legal action ontop the mata. The search warrant fit direct self sey make dem arrest people wey dem find inside for premises wey dem dey search.[3]

Oga for police fit issue warrant arrest too but na only if items wey dem wan search na stolen property. If for the premise wey dem wan search, dem come find pesin wey just return from jail within 12 months for offence like he dey receive stolen goods, he dey habour thieves, he dey do fraud or commit offence wey fit carry person go prison – dem must to allow officer wey carry the warrant into the premises to search am. If the officer sieze property inside the premises wey he search, he fit arrest the pesin wey occupy the premises and bring am before Magistrate to come explain how the goods take dey for im prmise. Where dem no come allow the officer make he enter the premise, the law permit the person wey dey execute the warrant to break into and enter the premises make e fit carry out the search warrant.[4]

Again, a police fit break out of the premises after he don execute the warrant[5]. The persin wey dey execute the search warrant fit search any pesin wey dey the premises if he believe reasonably belief sey the pesin dey carry waterver he dey searched for[6].

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