My right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Introduction)

  • Introduction

This right dey very important. Na right among some rights don tey. This right dey cause disagreement well well all over the world if pesin no handle am with care.

Section 38 for our constitution talk sey:

Na every pesin get right ontop wetin he think and beleief sey na him god. Pesin also get right to change religion or belief. If pesin dey among plenty people for him area or school, e also get right to dey preach im religion through praises (music), teaching, and the way wey e dey do takeand observance im relegion.

Wetin be my feedom self on top wetin my mind dey yarn me to dey worship?

This right wey give person freedom on top wetin he belief no mean sey weting the pesin believe must to be based on a particular religion. An atheist or free-thinker fit come under this head.[1]


[1] Kehinde M. Mowoe Constitutional Law in Nigeria 2008, Malthouse Law Book p. 427

I get right to practice religion wey I like?

Becos sey religious believe na sensitive mata wey dey arguable, the courts no dey inquire weda the religion wey everybody dey claim na true or na lie.[1]

Justice Ayoola when he still dey Supreme Court of Nigeria come explain sey this right dem no suppose prevent anybody to dey enjoy am except sey reason wey law recognize. He sey people get right to choose their belief dem must not force anybody against wetin e no belief for his religion. But this right get limitation if if pesin dey use am violate rights of others or when e fit bring danger to the society.[2]

[1] Church of the New Faith v. Commissioner of Pay Roll Tax (1983) 57 ALJR 785

[2] Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal v. Okonkwo (2001) 10 WRN 1 SC at 41

I fit change my religion or belief anyday I want?

The constitution give everybody power to change dem religion if dem wan change their religion or beliefs. This one dey for section 38 for our 1999 Constitution

I fit live my life the way my religion talk am and I fit share my religion with other people wey I like?

Yes. Every pesin fit preach and share dem religion through worship like music, teaching, ceremonial event, through kind cloth wey members of one religion dey wear, if dem dey cover head, if na particular language dem dey use and many ways wey dem dey take promote their religion.[1]

All ways wey everybody they promote dem religion our law allow but the law no go gree if e go cause danger or violate rights of other people.

[1] Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights C.C PR/C/21/Rev:1Add 4 adopted July 20 1993, reprinted in HRLJ 15. (1994)

Tell me o. church or mosques fit open school dey teach people their religion?

Section 38(3) for our constitution talk sey:

Make dem no stop any religion community or any religion group wey wan dey provide religious instruction for students forv that community or religion group for a place of education wey be sey na the religion community or group dey start and dey maintain that kind place of education.

For here, religious institution get power to give religious instructions in school wey dem establish which also mean sey dem get power to establish school. Court for many years ago don declare sey the action of one state for Nigeria no follow constitution when the state go send circular wey dey suggest sey only government school fit operate for the state.[1]

[1] Adewole v. Jakande (1981) 1 NCLR 262; See also Okogie (Arch Bishop) v. Attorney General Lagos State (1981) 1 NCLR

If na my rights to worship wetin my mind tell me, I fit join dem secret society?

Our law don sey to join secret cult, na crime for Nigeria.

Section38(4)for our constitution come talk sey:

Nothing wey dey for the provision of the constitution go gree make anyone go form, partake or go join secret society.

Wetin this law dey talk be sey, secret society no dey recognize as a religion for Nigeria and no body go fit sey e join bcos na im right to religion or wetin e belief.