• Introduction

This one na right wey dey important pass. Only pesin we dey alive fit talk sey he get rights o. This right dey important sotey if person write Will before he die, na wetin he put for Will sey make dem do with all property he get na so dem must do am o. if anybody go change am, na trouble be dat.

Life get value and our law talk sey make any pesin no kill another.

Section 33(1) for our constitution come talk sey:


Na all of us get right to dey live o. No pesin go take life of another but if the pesin go do bad things, dem carry am go court and court come talk sey na tru he do bad thing make dem go kill am, na for only that reason dem fit go kill that pesin o.


Wetin the law dey talk here be sey, make we no think am or try sey we wan kill pesin o. Only people wey dem fit kill na people we don do bad thing, dem carry go court and court convict dem sey na true dem do bad thing and court come make dem go kill dem.

Make you hear this o, if court sey make dem go kill persin wey do bad thing, the pesin no come gree and wan go appeal wetin court sey, we must to all am go finsh all appeal wey he dey make o. if dem go kill am when he still dey appeal, govment do bad thing wey be illegal becos dem no suppose tokill  human being wey he dey appel mata for court..

This life, na body give us but God. We must to dey value am. Govment self get work to do as to dey protect our lives and property. This protection  from Govment na for everybody weda you be Naija person or you no be.

People don argue sey belle wey we dey carry na life on its own make we no dey comot am. But ontop weda woman fit commot belle or not, people agree sey wetin dey inside bell get life and dem dey breath too. If dem get hearth beat inside belle, that mean sey life don start be dat. The rights of dem pikin wey dem never born dey protected for Nigeria law,  Africa and international law.

Law dey threat pikin wey dey for belle like sey dem don born am. For example, pikin wey dem never born fit inherit property later o if dem will property to am.

For our law here for obodo Nigeria, to comot belle na gbege oo. Na only condition wey pesin go fit commot belle na if the woman wey carry am dey condition wey if dem no comot belle for am, she fit die.

Wait o! no be you go sey pesin life dey for danger and you wan comot belle for am.  Na ogbonge doctor wey Govment give licence go fit test woman and talk sey dem must to save the life of the woman. This one no be for Sugar-Daddy, boyfriend, mother, friend dem o.

For those wey like to dey take tablet and concoction, come hear this one. The law sey pinkin get power to carry parent go court ontop  injury wey he/she suffer weda na by mistake or no be mistake when the pikin dey belle, when dem dey born am and after dem born am. You now see sey, we suppose dey careful o.


Some bad tins wey dem dey call offence. Some of this offence, if pesin go do am for Nigeria, na to go kill am if court see sey na true true the psin do am. Nigeria no dey send some obodo oyinbo country wey dey talk sey make dem no dey kill people o. Things we be sey if pesin do, na to arrange firing squard for am ,a:

  1. Killing people
  2. If pesin be enemy to Nigeria come dey cause violence
  • If peson dey plot against Nigeria
  1. If pesin cause or lead action or give order sey make dem kill another pesin.

Make una no try am o. That one na gobe and double wahala o. Our law no believe sey juju or winch dey o. If go kill pesin untop sey e dey winchi you for dream, dem go carry pesin go court and if court see sey na true the pesin kill another untop dream , juju or winch matter, dem go kill the pesin too.

The only advice wey we fit give yiu be sey make you dey pray o. God dey!

At all, at all. Any pikin we no reach 17 years wey come do bad thing wey one a good day, na crime wey dem fit kill pesin, the law talk sey dem no go fit kill am.

Pikins, this one no mean say make you dey cause trouble o. E get place wey dem dey carry small pikin like that wey dey cause trouble go if dem don do bad things o.

If a woman do bad tin and court come sey na to go kill am, dem no go kill am chap chap o. dem go wait make she born dat pikin finish. Make we no forget sey the pikin no do any bad thing. Na pesin wey cause trouble go face am only.

Our law no gree dat one for obodo Nigeria. Na true sey for some obodo oyinbo countries, if person too sick wey bodydon tire am, pain com too much for am wey e fit no make am again, dem fit chuck dem injection sey make dem go sleep waka go heaven jeje. We no fit do am for Nigeria.

Our criminal code talk sey:

  • If you do something or no do wetin you suppose do wey come kill person wey dey struggle for sickness, our law talk sey na you kill am
  • If you come advise pesin make he go kill himself and he come do am or you help am make e kill himself, our law sey the remaining year wey you get for life, na to go enjoy am for our prison o.
  • Our law sey if you come try to kill yourself untop anything and God come helep you sey you no succeed, my friend, you must to go learn for our prision for only one (1) year o bcos to dey try kill oneself, na crime for obodo Nigeria.
  • If somebody come beg you sey make you kill am, no do am o becos law sey na gobe you enter.

My pesin, you must to be careful o make you no jump inside water wey fit carry pesin go finally.  Pesin wey follow you talk dey tell you about ‘Self defence’ but e no easy like that bcos na court go talk sey wetin happen na ojoro cancel or you don do ojoro yourself.

If person throw Lacasera bottle for your head and you com kill am, my brother, you don enter wetin pass gobe.

People wey don plead ‘Self Defence’ for court know sey court dey look for some things if matta like that happen. Court dey look if:

  1. Pesin wey die don cause you fear
  2. The fear wey e cause you no be bcos sey you go look for im trouble
  • The fear wey the dead pesin cause go fit kill you, as he wan do am. Like sey he carry knife, cutlass, gun, heavy block and you come dey struggle defend yaself and as you dey struggle, the pesin come die. For here, na court go look whether if force you take attack the person back make sense or no be am.
  1. the force wey you take attack the pesin back come pass the one wey he take attack you, Court no go gree ‘self defence’ for you.

Our advice be sey make you dey try stay out of yawa wey fit make pesin die because if fight happen or attack, you no dey get time to dey look wether wetin you wan take defence ya self big pass wetin dem carry come attack you..

Make I no lie for you, police get power to arrest anybody wey cause trouble or wan cause gbege for your area. But wey dey always tell our police sey make dem no dey harass people wey no dey do bad thing at all.

If pesin go do bad thing wey be sey if court judge am, he go go prison reach at least three (3) years or make court fit sey make dem go kill am, police fit use force wey make sense arrest am make e no escape arrest.

If the pesin come dey shoot police or commit offence wey if dem convict am, court fit talk sey make dem go kill am or put am for prison wey fit reach 7 years, and the person wan escape wey police no go fit catch am at all, our law sey police fit kill am o.

Make we remind our police dem here sey this one no mean sey make dem come dey kill anybody wey dem wan arrest  oo. If a Policeman go kill innocent people, our law talk sey police man fit go prison for life o or make dem kill am too. The reason be sey somebody we dey run from police because of fear, police come kill am and we come realize later sey na innocenty e be, that one no go good at all.

We come advise our people here sey  if police wan arrest you, no follow dem fight o. Try reach your lawyer wey know wetin first. Your lawyer go know how to helep you for situation like this.

If  pesin dey cause serious riot wey fit kill people or destroy property for area, dem police or soldier come sey make the pesin stop but you sey na to cause trouble dey go you want. If dem oga sey make officers shoot to disperse trouble makers and one of dem come die, deadbody no fit come back come fight o. But if dem oga sey make dem fire when you dey only protest jeje and you no cause trouble or dey cause danger for people, our law sey the junior officer wey shoot go enter gbege.