• Introduction

This ogbonge right na one wey the whole world declare sey “Na every human being dey equal and get value and importance. Na every pesin fit think and get conscience wey dem suppose to dey take relate with people around like brothers and sisters”. This right no gree make we treat another pesin anyhow weda na man, woman, abi the pesin no dey practice our religion or e no come from our village or tribe.

You go agree sey some people like to dey wicked other people for area. You go dey hear dem talk for street sey  “meeeeehn! That guy don fuck up! I go chop im face. I go chuck im eyes”. People wey dey talk or do this no like make dem do the same to them or dem relatives oo.

Section 34 for our Constitution come talk sey:


We must to respect and value everybody. The Constitution sey –

(a) make we no tourure or do anybody anyhow for wey wey fit bring pain or make dem cry;

(b) make we no use or threat another pesin like slave our use dem do job wey e no fit human being; and

© make we no take force make person do job wey dey hard


The 3 example wey we just mention now for constitution no men sey that na only wey dem fit bring pain, cry, or rubbish another pesin value. Court don talk sey as eyes dey open (world dey develop), na so many things wey if we do go make another loose value dey emerge. Wetin fit no disrespect people 20 years ago fit do now as we dey Computer and Mobile App age.

Make we advice our friends wey dey sell market for road wey dey always touch woman body untop sey den sell market, make una take time. You don dey commit wetin law call indecent assault wey be criminal offence. If another pesin take am up, na wahala you cary yourself enter o.


For our Constitution for this obodo Nigeria, police no get power to torture pesin, give anybody injury or do anybody anyhow for police station or anywhere. No be only police o, all security people and everyone no suppose torture another.

This right no be small one. The whole world dey concern about torture and dem dem come make one law for all countries make dem no dey torture pesin or give dem injury. Everyone wey go police station, na innocent our law call dem until court see sey na true the pesin do bad thing. Na after that court go convict am before we fit call am bad people. If you torture person and he come later be innocent after investigation or for court, that wan no bad thing.

The constitution and our criminal code no gree make dem  lock pesin anywhere or carry am comot by force from Nigeria. The law go vex for anybody wey hide pesin for a place wey people no go fit get access to am or know where dem hide the pesin.

Again, if person shakara or force you to do wetin law say make you no do, or say make you no do wetin law sey make you do, the person don commit crime o.

Any kind hard work wey go make person look like slave or force am do job wey no fit human being,  our law say make we no force people do am.

Na true our law sey make we no force people do job but some people dey wey fit do work wey hard small and if dem sey make dem do am, dem no go fit complain. The example be this:

  1. If you do bad thing and court sey make you go prison with hard labour, you no fit sey you no do if dem call you come cut grass for example
  2. Any work wey hard small wey dem sey make police or soldier do during work no go fit gualify as force labour oo
  • If you know sey your conscience no gree make you fit work for army, dem fit ask you to to do some work wey fit hard small for another place. You no fit complain.