I wan go dem ECOWAS counties. Dem talk sey I no need visa, wetin I suppose know before I travel?

Article 2(1) for Protocol to the ECOWAS treaty for free movement of persons, residence and establishment[1] give people from ECOWAS countriesthe rights to enter, reside and establish in the territory of dem member states.

The entry without visa no come pass ninety (90) days after which pesin go apply for extensionand na immigration official go fit approve am.

Pesin wey wan go ECOWAS Country from Nigeria suppose get valid passport issued by a member state of ECOWAS wey immigration officials fit endorse[2].

Lastly, ontop sey pesin na from ECOWAS country, dem fit refuse am entry if dem see am as pesin wey dem not fit allow to dem country under dem laws.[3]

[1] Official Journal of ECOWAS, Vol. 1, June 1979

[2] Article 1 & 3 of the Protocol

[3] Article 4 of the Protocol