If pesin sick and body don tire am, e fit beg Doctor make e chuck am injection make e die? Or the Doctor fit reason say e beta make the pesin die come chuck am the injection?

Our law no gree dat one for obodo Nigeria. Na true sey for some obodo oyinbo countries, if person too sick wey bodydon tire am, pain com too much for am wey e fit no make am again, dem fit chuck dem injection sey make dem go sleep waka go heaven jeje. We no fit do am for Nigeria.

Our criminal code talk sey:

  • If you do something or no do wetin you suppose do wey come kill person wey dey struggle for sickness, our law talk sey na you kill am
  • If you come advise pesin make he go kill himself and he come do am or you help am make e kill himself, our law sey the remaining year wey you get for life, na to go enjoy am for our prison o.
  • Our law sey if you come try to kill yourself untop anything and God come helep you sey you no succeed, my friend, you must to go learn for our prision for only one (1) year o bcos to dey try kill oneself, na crime for obodo Nigeria.
  • If somebody come beg you sey make you kill am, no do am o becos law sey na gobe you enter.