If dem wan arrest person, dem suppose use force/handcuff and arrest warrant?

Na the rule be dis. If dem wan arrest pesin, dem fit touch am make he no run because ordinary talk fit no do am with some strong and aggressive people. But if pesin wey dem dey arrest agree and no proof stubborn, police no need to use force.

Police must tell pesin wey dem arrest the reason why dem take arrest am. But dem fit not tell am if he go escape or no go gree make dem arrest am.

Another paper dey wey dem dey call arrest warrant. This powerful paper dem dey take arrest pesin. But if officer dey see person wey just commit offence for im presence, he fit arrest the pesin without warrant of arrest becos if e wan go collect the warrant first before he get fit arrest the pesin, that pesin go don run comot. But where arrest warant dey, police must show am to the pesin wey dem wan arrest. The officer fit use sensible force if the pesin e wan arrest dey proof stubborn but if na minor matter and the pesin dey obey the police officer, the officer no suppose use handcuff.

If dem use warrant to arrest pesin, the warrant don expire be dat o. Dem no go fit use the same warrant again to arrest the same pesin.

Make we nack you this one, police, court officer, or any person fit arrest pesin wey don or dey commit offence without warrant even if law sey make dem use warrant. For example, if anybody go kill person now, police no go say because e go need warrant come leave the pesin make e escape and come dey find warrant of arrest up and down.