My neigbhour come take bad belle go lie to police sey make dem search my house, but dem no see any bad thing dia. I fit challenge the bad belle person?

The law sey if somebody go lie and complain against another wey come make the police go search a premise with search warrant, pesin wey complain wrongly go enter gbege.

Such person wey go lie fit enter trouble becos he take bad belle go lie against another pesin. In one case of Balogun v. Amubikahu[1], the Supreme Court talk sey even for the matter, na police go arrest, detain and prosecute somebody, the real pesin wey dey liable and face the the trouble na pesin wey go take bad belle go lie criminally wey come make police react.

[1](1989) 3 NWLR (Pt. 107) 18