I get right to bail wey go commot me from cell/prison?

Na everybody get right to bail. E fit be:

  1. a) Bail from Police station
  2. b) Bail wen matter don dey court
  3. c) Bail wen mater dey Appeal


Bail from Police station:

Constitution don provide right to bail for every suspect weda dem go give you condition or not. Even if dem go still carry pesin go court, dem must to release am at least within a day or two days after dem don arrest am.

Police fit grant bail to pesin on self recognition or dem fit sey make he go bring people we go stand for am as surety. Dem fit ask surety to pay money as a BOND which go make dem report for station later day. This one no be bribe o. Na bond wey the surety go collect back after dem see sey the acusse no run away.

If to sey the gbege wey happen na serious one wey pass police dem to release the suspect, dem police must to charge pesin go court between 24 and 48 hours after dem don put am for detention. The court don talk sey if police arrest pesin and dem still wan carry out more investigation ontop the matter, dem must to relese the person for bail or make dem charge am to court within 24 hours.

Abeg no forget, after dem don charge the pesin go court, police dem no get power to release the pesin again. Na only court go fit grant the pesin bail.


Bail wen matter dey court:

Court get power to give pesin bail. Wetin we must know be sey, the level of bad thing wey dem sey pesin do, na im go determine if dem go fit give am bail. At this level, the pesin go need a lawyer.




Magistrate court get power to grant pesin bail[1], but if na strong thing the pesin do wey be sey if dem confirm sey na e do am, it fit land am for 3 years jail, magistartae court fit no wan grant am bcos if na simple trouble now, dem fit give am bail.[2]



This ogbonge court get power to grant pesin baill ontop all mata. Make we hear now sey if pesin do strong yamayama thing like killing, armed robbery dem, court no fit grant bail o.[3]

But if the pesin talk sey he need bail, he go need to show court sey the reason why e need bail dey very important reach level wey if dem no give am, na bad thing dem do am[4] . Common example na when pesin dey sick seriously and if dem no allow am go treat himself, the pesin fit die.


Before court go grant bail, the court go dey sure of all thing wey we wan explain now:

  1. a) if dem grant am bail, e fit try to spoil investigation?
  2. b) e fit escape.
  3. c) if dem release am, e fit go do bad thing?


The ogbonge court wey big pass for Nigeria wey we dey call Supreme Court come talk sey if dem wan give pesinn bail, dem must to look the mater like this[5].

a)make court look the offence wey the pesin commit and punishment wey dem suppose give am weda na strong one or not.

  1. b) the kain trouble wey dem sey the person cause, make court look at evidence wey dem get if na strong one
  2. c) if the pesin no go dey spoil investigation after dem don release am.
  3. d) how the crime wey pesin commit take happen
  4. e) if dem release am, it fit constitute danger for the pesin himself.
  5. f) The pesin fit gocommit same offence if dem release am
  6. g) if the pesin don dey do bad thing tey tey. Na here dem go wan know if the pesin na good man or na so so he dey cause trouble for area.
  7. h) weda the pesin dey sick.

If the pesin dey talk sey make dem relase am ontop sey e dey sick, make e no come go lie bcos court go sey make the pesin show wetin we wan explain now:

  1. the sickness na kind one wey strong wey go fit affect other people wey dey detention with am.
  2. Ogbonge doctor don bring report sey the sickness na true and the sickness fit affect others.
  • Dem no get facility around wey dem go take treat the pesin wey dey sick for detention

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