My right to waka dey go as a like (Introduction)

  • Introduction

To comot from one place to another na important characteristic of a man. Naija people get freedom of movement, residence anywhere for Nigeria. Dem even get right to leave Nigeria and return to Nigeria.

Section 41(1) for our 1999 Constitution talk sey:

All Nigerians get right to move freely throughout Nigeria. Dem fit residefor any part of Nigeria. Dem no fit expel any Nigerian from Nigeria or come refuss make e enter Nigeria or leave Nigeria.

No forget sey this right na for Nigerians. This right also dey for section 15(3) and (4) for the constitution, which talk sey:

  • If we wan dey promote unity, our goverment get duty to dey do the followingo-
  • Make dem provide facilities wey go dey encouragepeople, their goods and services for anywhere in Nigeria;
  • Make all Nigerians get right to reside anywhere wey dem like across the federation….
  • The goverement go also promote a feelingwey go make people belief sey dem belong and dey involve for Nigeria wey go give birt to loyalty to Nigeria instead make people go dey dey loyal to dem tribe.


This right dey important to as without am, we fit no exercise other rights like personal liberty and freedom of association and assembly..