My right to Life (Introduction)

  • Introduction

This one na right wey dey important pass. Only pesin we dey alive fit talk sey he get rights o. This right dey important sotey if person write Will before he die, na wetin he put for Will sey make dem do with all property he get na so dem must do am o. if anybody go change am, na trouble be dat.

Life get value and our law talk sey make any pesin no kill another.

Section 33(1) for our constitution come talk sey:


Na all of us get right to dey live o. No pesin go take life of another but if the pesin go do bad things, dem carry am go court and court come talk sey na tru he do bad thing make dem go kill am, na for only that reason dem fit go kill that pesin o.


Wetin the law dey talk here be sey, make we no think am or try sey we wan kill pesin o. Only people wey dem fit kill na people we don do bad thing, dem carry go court and court convict dem sey na true dem do bad thing and court come make dem go kill dem.

Make you hear this o, if court sey make dem go kill persin wey do bad thing, the pesin no come gree and wan go appeal wetin court sey, we must to all am go finsh all appeal wey he dey make o. if dem go kill am when he still dey appeal, govment do bad thing wey be illegal becos dem no suppose tokill  human being wey he dey appel mata for court..

This life, na body give us but God. We must to dey value am. Govment self get work to do as to dey protect our lives and property. This protection  from Govment na for everybody weda you be Naija person or you no be.