My right to Personal Liberty (Introduction)

  • Introduction

Right to personal liberty na ogbonge right wey every pesin must to enjoy o. This na right to do any good thing wey you wan do and where you no need to ask anybody for permission or dey fear.

Na this kind right give you freedom to do any good thing wey you like. E fit be marriage, you born pikin, you want get job, you want to waka around, you want to get house, worship.

Section 35(1) of our Constitution talk sey:


Ne every pesin get liberty right and no pesin go fit sey make you know enjoy am. But if you don do something wey law don talk sey make you no do, pesin fit no enjoy personal liberty fully.


Before dem go deny pesin this right, dat mean sey the pesin don do bad things wey law talk sey if anybody do, make dem arrest am, carry am go court.