My right wey sey make anybody no pokenose to my affairs (Privacy)

  • Introduction

Na two important thing right to privacy give us. The first one na about pesin right on which kind information he wan make people get about am. Second one na about kain independence, or freedom wey person get to do or make he no things if he like.[1]

Section 37 of our Constitution come sey;


All Nigerians get right for privacy for dem house, letters, wetin dem dey talk for phone, wetin dem dey type for telegraphic and this right dey protected


If you no be Naija pesin, you come from another country dey live for obodo Nigeria, you fit claim right to privacy but dat one go sweet you better under dem international laws wey Nigeria don put hand sign.

[1] Johnny H. Killian & Leland E. Beck, The Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpretation (United States Government Printing Office, Washington 1981) p. 1583-3