Wetin be my rights self for police station if dem arrest me?

Police fit arrest any pesin or invite anybody come police station. But make we yarn you sey make you no dey panic if you get invitation to the police station. You still get many rights as you dey go police station so and a good police officer go know sey you get rights as you still be innocent. All rights we you get for police station or if dem arrest pesin na weting we explain below for you:

  1. Right to bail – Constitution don provide right to bail for every suspect weda dem go give you condition or not, even if dem go still carry you go court. The constitution talk sey dem must to release accused at least within a day or two days we dem don am.
  2. Right wey give somebody access to a lawyer wey e want – Pesin wey dey police station get right to a lawyer wey e want and dem must not deny am. The reason be sey, the accused get right not to talk or write statement or answer question for police station until e see im lawyer. E dey illegal make police they force accused to talk if e de wait for im lawyer.
  • Right wey no gree make dem abuse or cause injury for pesin. Police dem no get right to dey beat pesin or dey wipe people with koboko, or dey punch pesin especially when the pesin no dey resist arrest.
  1. Dem must tell the suspect the reason why dem dey arrest am. If dem detain pesin and dem not tell am his offence, na illegal arrest.
  2. Another right wey accused pesin get be sey, dem must to carry am go police station after dem don arrest am and dem must all am get access to his lawyer all the time.
  3. Dem must to bring am to court if dem wan trial am on time. Any detention wey dey above 24 hours suppose get court aproval.
  • If dem must to carry pesin go court, the only condition be sey the pesin suppose don commit offence wey our law call and mention as offence. such offence, dem must write am for our sey if pesin do this and this, the name of the offence na this. Our law must to list the offence and punishment for the offence. if dem sey you don commit offence and the offence no dey recognize for allow, abeg call your lawyer sharp sharp.