I hear say if pesin begin wan kill me, and I kill am first, Ojoro cancel. Na true abi na lie?

My pesin, you must to be careful o make you no jump inside water wey fit carry pesin go finally.  Pesin wey follow you talk dey tell you about ‘Self defence’ but e no easy like that bcos na court go talk sey wetin happen na ojoro cancel or you don do ojoro yourself.

If person throw Lacasera bottle for your head and you com kill am, my brother, you don enter wetin pass gobe.

People wey don plead ‘Self Defence’ for court know sey court dey look for some things if matta like that happen. Court dey look if:

  1. Pesin wey die don cause you fear
  2. The fear wey e cause you no be bcos sey you go look for im trouble
  • The fear wey the dead pesin cause go fit kill you, as he wan do am. Like sey he carry knife, cutlass, gun, heavy block and you come dey struggle defend yaself and as you dey struggle, the pesin come die. For here, na court go look whether if force you take attack the person back make sense or no be am.
  1. the force wey you take attack the pesin back come pass the one wey he take attack you, Court no go gree ‘self defence’ for you.

Our advice be sey make you dey try stay out of yawa wey fit make pesin die because if fight happen or attack, you no dey get time to dey look wether wetin you wan take defence ya self big pass wetin dem carry come attack you..