Pesin wan sell dem family and community land for me o. Abeg, yarn me wetin I suppose know make I no enter gobe?

Traditionallyfor Nigeria, land dey belong to a community or family before dem go share am among members of the family wey own the land.

If a member of such family wan sll land to you, do inestigation before you go put money down. Make sure sey you carry your lawyer along.

If na family get the land, a member of the family not get powet to sell am to you becos the title (ownership) wey you go get no dey legal. Your lawyer go advise you sey make you see the head of the family and any other principal member for that family. Na dem get power to transfer good title to you if na family land you wan buy wey dem go sign the land document. If a member go sell family land to you and you no get the consent of the head and a principal member of the family, you no get a good title.

Na this same principle dey applicable to community land. The head and a principal member of the community na dem fit transfer title you and na dem must sign for and on behalf of the community.