If dem wan stop and come dey search me, no be sey dem wan fall my hand or dey try me be dat?

Police get power to search pesin for Nigeria[1]. The law wey we dey call Police Act talk sey police officer fit detain and search pesin if he believe in a reasonable way sey the suspect dey carry anything wey he believe sey the pesin thief am or carry am in a way wey law no gree.

If police search pesin, the reasonable wey to do am as we dey talk na the same wey court go look weda the action of the police when he dey arrest pesin dey reasonable. Infact how dem dey take no reasonable arrest na tru objective test wey mean sey weda a good man wey dey reasonable go fit do am the wey police do.[2]

If police arrest pesin, the police fit search am. The police officer fit remove anything wey he found ontop the accuse but dem police no suppose remove him clothes.[3]

Make we talk am sey if dem arrest pesin and put am for custody in the wey law talk am, dem fit carry out medical test  ontop am if the test go show evidence sey na true true the pesin don commit offence[4]. This one fit work for people wey dey carry someting inside body like cocaine and heroin.

The law give dem Officers power make dem search pesin wey dem believe sey he dey carry market enter country where he suppose pay duty money or he dey avoid payment, or he dey carry things wey our laws no gree if the pesin dey for custom area.[5]

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