Wetin go fit happen we dem immigration no go gree make a visitor enter Nigeria or pursue foreigner comot from Nigeria make e dey go him country by force?

Dem fit send away Non-Nigerians as law take provide for am. Section 18 for Immigration Act sey dem no go allow people come Nigeria or go send commot from Nigeria foreigner we do all we explain here:

  • Pesin wey no get support or wetin he go fit live if e come Nigeria;
  • Idiot, pesin wey dey insane or dey suffer from mental disorder;
  • pesin wey dem don convict for any country for a crime wey be extradition;
  • pesin wey the Minister for Nigeria belief sey if dem allow am come go be treath to national security;
  • pesin wey dem do deport from Nigeria and the order still dey in force;
  • pesin who-
  1. no get a valid passport; or
  2. be ubder sixteen yearsfor age, e no get valid passport or no get an adult wey go accompanied with valid passport particulars;
  • Any prostitute;
  • Any person wey be or who don be-
  1. Pesin wey dey keep brothel,
  2. Householder wey don permit defilement of a young girl for im premises,
  • pesin wey de allow pesin under thirteen years to be in a brothel,
  1. person wey dey cause or dey encourage girls wey no reach 13 years to dey become prostitutes,
  2. pesin wey dey trade for prostitution, or
  3. pesin wey be prostitute client