Wetin be my rights sef as Landlord for Naija?

Na landlord get property. After tenancy end, the premises dey go back to the landlord.  People dey own property for many reasons. Some na to get  income  as some dey use am for investment purposedat’s why dem dey let am out to and collect rent. The rights wey landlord get include:

  1. Right to  dey collect  rent:  A  landlord  get right  to  receive  regular  and  periodic  rent  form the  tenant .  e fit collect rent weekly, monthly,  quarterly,  half-yearly  and  annually  as  agreed  by  the  landlord  and  tenant.  However, the  manner  wey dem go dey collect the rent go dey determined by the period  wey dem give to the tenant.
  2. Right to  reasonable  periodic  inspection  of  the  demised  premises:  The  landlord  get right to go dey inspect the property and see how dem dey use im property.  But e suppose give notice to  the  tenant as dem take agree for tenancy agreement.
  3. Right to  lawfully  eject  a  tenant:  A  landlord  get right to eject in a lawful way as dem agree for tenancy agreement or law provide.  To  eject  tenant legally,  the   notices suppose follow the way law take talk am before dem go fit go court if the mata reach dat level. E dey illegal make landlord dey invite thugs or  “Area-boys”  to   ejecting tenant. Dat kind act fit make you comit crime of disrupting public peace and criminal assault dem.
  4. Right to  review  rent:  Landlord  get the  right  to  review  his  rent  upward  ( in  the  face  of  economic  realities  like  economic  meltdown) and  downwards.  Such rent reviews go consider rate  for the same area  make such increase no be to wicked the tenant.
  5. Right to  compensation  from  compulsory  acquisition:  The  governor  of  the  state  through the  Land  Use  Act  wan  compulsorily  acquire  the property for public interest “overriding  public  purposes”,   the  landlord  get right  to compensation  by  the  state  govment  for  the improvements wey e don make on the land.[1]


[1] Written by Ayobayo Babade, Tolulope Olusunmade and Olakunbi Yakub of Tope Babade & Co (Real Estate Consultants) as a contribution to #KnowYourRightsNigeria project