Wetin be my rights sef as Tenant for Naija?

A  tenancy  na  relationship for which a  party  (the  tenant)  get possession  of  a property  (the  demised  premises)  from  another  party  (the  owner  or  landlord)  for  a  specific period of time after hedon pay money (rent) or for free.

Tenant get rights. Im right be:

  1. Right to a  payment  receipt  and  written  agreement:  The  landlord  under the law must to dey  give  the  tenant  a  written  evidence wey shoe sey he collect money for rent. Again, both of dem suppose state the kind relationship dem want and how the landlor-teanacy relationship go end. A  tenant suppose request  and  obtain  a  tenancy  agreement,  read  am carefully before the teanancy go start.
  2. Right to  peaceful  enjoyment  and  exclusive  possession:  This  one dey important and show the kain possession wey tenant get.  The  landlord suppose give tenant right to dey use the premise make anyother pesin no dey use am except sey landlord wan come check the  property wey no suppose be every hour. Land suppose give Teanant a notice if e wan check the property because n aim right to inspect am. This and modality dem suppose put inside the tenancy agreement.
  3. Right to  a  habitable  premises:  The  property suppose be one wey human being suppose sey liven.  The landlord must to make sure sey the building dey structurally sound. Any structural defects or external damages dem must repair sharp sharp.  E deyillegal make the landlord  go  do  things  wey go make the  building  no dey inhabitable  for  the  tenant  like  removing the roofing sheets or blocking the septic tank.
  4. Freedom from  unlawful  eviction  from  the  property:  A  tenant  dey protected  by  law and dem not fit evict am anyhow by  the  landlord.  If  the  tenancy  go an  end,  the landlord  go give the  tenant  a  valid  “Notice  to Quit”.  If  the  tenant no come go, after Notice  to  Quit,  the  tenant  go get another “7-days notice of owners intention to recover possession”.  After  7 days, tenant no come go, the landlord  get  right  to  take  the  tenant  go  court  and  the  court  wgo  evict am.  The tenant  go also pay  for  the  period  of  time  he  stay put after dem tell am to leave.
  5. Freedom from  unreasonable  increase  in  rent:  The  law  protects  the  tenant  from make landlord dey unreasonably increase rent.  The rent no suppose dey outrageous if dem compare with others around the place.  Again, the law  recognize sey landlorf fit increase where e dey justified but dem must show evidence for the justification.[1]

[1] Written by Ayobayo Babade, Tolulope Olusunmade and Olakunbi Yakub of Tope Babade & Co (Real Estate Consultants) as a contribution to #KnowYourRightsNigeria project