Wetin I suppose know if dem police sey make I write statement

If dem police ask you sey make you write statement, you suppose know how to write one wey no go carry you enter double wahala if your lawyer no dey there.

You need ask yourself sey on top wetin dem invite me to come write statement. Dem invite you as accuse or witness? Becos if pesin go fall into the hands of some wrong officers eventhough some police offers good and professional, dem fit use the statement to blackmail you. You must to take statement wey you wan write as a serious business.

Remember sey you get right not to write am if your lawyer no dey station, some fit shakara you and cause fear for your mind sey dem no go release you.

To write am no hard. Make sure sey wetin you wan put down na something wey you kow untop the mata wey make dem  invite you to police station or if na be sey dem arrest you. E dey very important make you know the reason why or wetin bring you come police station.

If you no dey sure about wetin bring you come, ask the officer, oga, why una take invite me come station.

If dem sey you no commit any offence sey them just want make you write anything wey you know untop any mata, tell them with respect say No.

If dem arrest you becos somebody write petition against you, abeg demand for the copy of the petition wey dem write against you,and read am carefully before you write your statement.

When you start dey write am, make sure sey you explain the reason for why dem say make you write ya statement inside the statement. Make I give you example here. You fit start am like this:

“Dem police stop me as I dey drive my vehicle wey get registration number xxxxx on ________ street in _______ city. After I com show to officer xxxxxxx all my papers, dem come take me to the police station and come yarn me sey dem suspect sey I steal my car”

Then make ya statement and put wetin make dem carry you come police station and offence weY deM sey them suspect sey you commit if you find ya self for situation where lawyer no dey and you must to write the statement urgently.

Now, if third or another pesin read your statement, it suppose dey clear and make sense to am wetin bring about the statement. If you no state wetin happen in your statement to relate well well with your case, dem fit change your case. As you think say dem wan charge you for car theft so, you fit go appear appear for kidnapping matter as one caller share im experience on our weekly #KnowYourRightsNigeria radio programme in Lagos. If a judge dey read your statement for kidnapping case and you know write am make e dey related to to car tefth wey dem police accuse you, the Judge fit think you dey dodge the matter that you no wan answer the question. The judge fit form a negative opinion about you on top your statement because you no explain am clearly and relate am directly or the statement no get end.