Who dem go fit carry or pack like Sandine comot from Nigeria go answer gbege question for another country and how dem dey take do am?

One treaty dey wey gree do fo me and make I do for (reciprocity) between countries, one country fit surrender its citizen to another country, if dem request for am untop sey e don commit crime for the country wey dey request for am but the pesin don run go im country where dem born am.   This kain process na thru diplomatic channels dem dey take do am.

Before dem go fit extradite the pesin;

  1. The pesin wey dem wan extradite go be somebody wey dem fit extradite
  2. He suppose don commit crime wey fit make dem extradite am

Nigeria fit refuse the request to extradite im citizen if the request no dey inline with her terms of the treaty or the matter wey happen dey related to political or military offences, or e no follow as our constitution talk am or e fit go against national interest of the wey dey make request.