Wetin police dey search for motor self and why dem dey block road?

Police officer fit and e fit no use warrant to search things like vehicle, ship, and an aircraft but nature of wetin dem dey search go determine if dem go use warrant or not.

Custom officers dem get power to search any vehicle, ship or aircraft without warrant if dem reasonably belief suspect dey use am carry goods wey dem supposes sieze.[1]

A police officer fit conduct a search ontop a thing wey he reasonably belief sey contain illegal thing even if e no get search warrant because the officer get duty make he no allow crime happen[2].

The police power to dey mount road block and dey do stop and search, and the power to detain and search vehicle wey dem reasonably suspect sey carry unlawful thing dey for Section 25 of the Police Act. This power no sey make dem dey extort money from motorist o.

[1]section 149 of the Customs and Excise Management Act

[2]section 4 of the Police Act