Under what grounds an Immigrant can be refused entry or deported from Nigeria?

A non-national can only be expelled “by a virtue of a decision taken in accordance with the law”. Under section 18 of the Immigration Act, the following prohibited immigrant cab be refused entry or deported from Nigeria:

  • Any person who is without visible means of supports or is likely to become a public charge;
  • Any idiot, insane person, or person suffering from any other mental disorder;
  • Any person convicted in any country of any crime wherever committed, which is an extradition crime within the provisions of the Extradition Act;
  • Any person whose admission would in the opinion of the Minister be contrary to the interest of national security;
  • Any person against whom an order of deportation from Nigeria is in force;
  • Any person who-
  1. Has not in his possession a valid passport; or
  2. Being a person under the age of sixteen years has not in his possession a valid passport or is unaccompanied by an adult on whose valid passport particulars of such person appear;
  • Any prostitute;
  • Any person who is or has been-
  1. A brothel keeper,
  2. A householder permitting the defilement of a young girl on his premises,
  • A person allowing a person under thirteen years of age to be in a brothel,
  1. A person causing or encouraging the seduction or prostitution of a girl under thirteen years of age,
  2. A person trading in prostitution, or
  3. A procurer