Sexually abusing a woman or girl (Slavery or trafficking)

Sexual abuse & trafficking involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some type of labour or commercial sex acts. It is a form of sexual exploitation and considered modern day slavery. It is also the recruitment, habouring, transportation, provision or obtaining of an individual who under threat, force, fraud or coercion is induced to perform a commercial sex act.

Safety tips against sexual slavery or trafficking:
*Avoiding accepting jobs with no detailed information or specifications.
*Public outcry.
*Reporting to the police.
Girls and women should be enlightened about these exploitative behaviours and taught to speak up when illicit offers are made towards them

Penalty: (State applicable laws and jurisdiction)
The trafficking in Persons Law Enforcement and Administration Act (TPLEAA) as amended 2015 prescribe a minimum of 2years imprisonment and a fine of #250,000 for both sex and labor trafficking. If the victim is a child, the punishment is a minimum sentence of 7years imprisonment and a fine of #1,000,000.