Sexually exploiting or enslaving a woman or girl

Sexual exploitation is defined to be a sexual abuse in which persons of any age take advantage of a power imbalance to force or entice a girl/woman into engaging in sexual activity in return for something received by the girl/woman. These can as well be received by those perpetrating or facilitating the abuse. It includes rape, prostitution, sexual photography, subjection to pornography, or witnessing sexual acts and assaults to which the girl or woman has not consented to or was pressured into consenting.
Any Sexual Act or overture which is prejudicial to the best interest of the child is sexual exploitation. Enslaving a child is using a child for labour that is exploitative and affects the all-round welfare of the child.

Safety tips for children against sexual exploitation:
The tips given for sexual abuse applies here
Children should be encouraged to speak up
Economic empowerment for parents will help.
Children should be enlightened about these exploitative behaviours and taught to speak up when illicit offers are made towards them
Laws set to protect children here should be enforced

*Staying off hard drugs or alcohol abuse.
*Avoiding bad companies.
*Not being materialistic.
*Public outcry.
*Reporting to the police.
*Self defence where necessary.

Penalty: (State applicable laws and jurisdiction)
Section 30 of the Child Rights Act has prohibits the use of a child for sale, begging for alms, prostitution, hawking ,bondage, slavery, drugs, pornography, or trafficking and sets the punishment for offenders to liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of ten years.
Section 32 of the Child’s right Act provides that offender who sexually abuses or sexually exploits in a way not specifically mentioned by the act is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of fourteen years. This is more of an Omnibus clause because the issue of abuse against children is inexhaustible. This therefore refers to any form of sexual abuse not mentioned by the act.
The Criminal Code Act provides for Abduction of girls under sixteen for the purpose of marriage or sex, any offender here is guilty of a misdemeanor, and is liable to imprisonment for two years. Under the Criminal Law of Lagos State, the punishment is set as imprisonment for 10 years and provides for children under 18