If I wan comot from Nigeria self, dem fit stop me?

This na your right to travel comot from Nigeria. Before pesin go travel comot from Nigeria, e dey important make e get valid international passport wey Nigeria govment issue. This come mean sey Nigeria citizen get right to own a passport.

Again, pesin must to meet criteria wey dem set befre e fit get passport. The criteria no suppose be one wey go dey difficult for people to meet.

Another important thing be sey, pesin wey wan travel go need get visa of the country wey e dey go. Na embassy of country wey you dey go go give you visa. If you no come get visa, Nigerian authority fit no gree make you commot from Nigeria for airport or place weher you wnan take take off.

Dem fit collect my passport wey I dey take travel make I no see am again?

Though your passport na you rights, dem fit collect am from you as dem take explain am for Passport (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act[1] if this following come happen:

  • If you collect the passport by fraud;
  • If the passport don expire;
  • If pesin dey carry plenty passport at the same time in a way wey law no gree; and
  • If na to collect am from you for public interest.

[1] Section 35(1)

I wan go dem ECOWAS counties. Dem talk sey I no need visa, wetin I suppose know before I travel?

Article 2(1) for Protocol to the ECOWAS treaty for free movement of persons, residence and establishment[1] give people from ECOWAS countriesthe rights to enter, reside and establish in the territory of dem member states.

The entry without visa no come pass ninety (90) days after which pesin go apply for extensionand na immigration official go fit approve am.

Pesin wey wan go ECOWAS Country from Nigeria suppose get valid passport issued by a member state of ECOWAS wey immigration officials fit endorse[2].

Lastly, ontop sey pesin na from ECOWAS country, dem fit refuse am entry if dem see am as pesin wey dem not fit allow to dem country under dem laws.[3]

[1] Official Journal of ECOWAS, Vol. 1, June 1979

[2] Article 1 & 3 of the Protocol

[3] Article 4 of the Protocol

Wetin I fit do wey go make dem govment seize my travel passport?

If dem sieze passport, e different from when dey withdrawl pesin passport. If dem withdrawl am, you fit no get am again. If dem seize am, dem fit release am latter. If dem seize am, dem no wan make you movement go beyond Nigeria be dat. People wey dem fit seize their passport na criminal suspect, convict, or somebody wey dey detension  as law take provide.

Who dem go fit carry or pack like Sandine comot from Nigeria go answer gbege question for another country and how dem dey take do am?

One treaty dey wey gree do fo me and make I do for (reciprocity) between countries, one country fit surrender its citizen to another country, if dem request for am untop sey e don commit crime for the country wey dey request for am but the pesin don run go im country where dem born am.   This kain process na thru diplomatic channels dem dey take do am.

Before dem go fit extradite the pesin;

  1. The pesin wey dem wan extradite go be somebody wey dem fit extradite
  2. He suppose don commit crime wey fit make dem extradite am

Nigeria fit refuse the request to extradite im citizen if the request no dey inline with her terms of the treaty or the matter wey happen dey related to political or military offences, or e no follow as our constitution talk am or e fit go against national interest of the wey dey make request.

Wetin go fit happen we dem immigration no go gree make a visitor enter Nigeria or pursue foreigner comot from Nigeria make e dey go him country by force?

Dem fit send away Non-Nigerians as law take provide for am. Section 18 for Immigration Act sey dem no go allow people come Nigeria or go send commot from Nigeria foreigner we do all we explain here:

  • Pesin wey no get support or wetin he go fit live if e come Nigeria;
  • Idiot, pesin wey dey insane or dey suffer from mental disorder;
  • pesin wey dem don convict for any country for a crime wey be extradition;
  • pesin wey the Minister for Nigeria belief sey if dem allow am come go be treath to national security;
  • pesin wey dem do deport from Nigeria and the order still dey in force;
  • pesin who-
  1. no get a valid passport; or
  2. be ubder sixteen yearsfor age, e no get valid passport or no get an adult wey go accompanied with valid passport particulars;
  • Any prostitute;
  • Any person wey be or who don be-
  1. Pesin wey dey keep brothel,
  2. Householder wey don permit defilement of a young girl for im premises,
  • pesin wey de allow pesin under thirteen years to be in a brothel,
  1. person wey dey cause or dey encourage girls wey no reach 13 years to dey become prostitutes,
  2. pesin wey dey trade for prostitution, or
  3. pesin wey be prostitute client


If I be Army or police, I fit join workers union dey fight for my interest and we fit go on strike too?

Section II for Trade Union Act make am illegal for Army and police dem, the Nigerian security printing and minting company, prison services, customs preventive services, Central Bank of Nigeria, dem employees wey law permit to dey carry, Federal fire service dem to dey organize themselves or be members of trade union ontop employment purposes. Dem fit join consultative committees for dia establishment.


My right to assemble peacefully and associate (Introduction)

  • Introduction

This right too dey very important and all international, regional and national laws recognize am. Na all of us like to dey assemble, associate marry, join organization as we want protect and promote our interests.

Section 40 fo our constitution talk sey:

Na all of us dey get right to assemble freely andcom  associate with other people wey we want, again pesin fit form, belong or join any political party, trade union or any association wey fit protect im interests.


Na two classes of rights this section provide. Na right to assemble and associate freely with other people. We need talk here sey any assembly will go cause trouble for public peace and order, dem go declare am sey e no dey for constitution.


If I get wetin dey vex me, I fit protest?

Our law gree sey make we protest anything wey we think sey e no good. But the rule be sey, our protest must dey peaceful or lawful. Any kain assembly wey come lead to riot, danger or killing people no be kind protest wey constitution sey we must to do.

If I get right to choose people wey I wan dey follow waka, i fit use the same right decide which school i wan go?

Yes. Your right to determine people wey you wan associate with also cover your choice of school wey you wan go. Abeg hear this one, go need to meet the admission criteria of the school wey you wan go and also abide by the school rules.